About Dr. Sam

Sam Tsang (PhD, University of Sheffield, Biblical Studies), also known affectionately by his peers and students as “Dr. Sam,” spends part-time teaching homiletic at Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary, and the New Testament at Ambrose University and Carey College.   After two decades of full-time church ministry and academic teaching, Sam has decided to pursue his passion full-time.  After settling in the Seattle area, he devotes his time now writing and speaking about topics he feels passionate about: biblical literacy, biblical interpretation, and preaching.  He has published more than 50 books in English and Chinese in his area of research and passion.  He also writes a weekly column for Hong Kong Christian Times. Besides his writing and teaching, Sam also does consultation and coaching with preachers who wish to improve on their interpretive and preaching skills.  The reason why this blog is called “engage the pews” is because the “pews” are where people sit every week. The speaker needs to engage them.  In order to engage them, the speaker needs to understand all the issues that will come into play.  Please feel free to visit him at http://engagescriptures.org/ or contact him at samtsang@engagescriptures.org for consultation, speaking, preaching and coaching needs.   If you wish to follow him on Facebook, please do stop by and “like” the page.  You will receive all the latest publishing and public lecture news as well as his daily updates.  His other blog here focuses on the Bible and/or culture.  He’s also on Linkedin, if you prefer to connect that way.  Be blessed.


4 thoughts on “About Dr. Sam”

  1. Dear Mr. and Brother Tsang, the post regarding Warren I want to thank you. I am a total nobody in the world and an adopted child of Jesus Christ, and please allow me this, I totally agree with you! signed one of the great-grandsons of Watson M. Hayes. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watson_McMillan_Hayes (and in the eyes of our Lord Jesus Christ, it does not matter) but I am hoping to express my support and love for your heart and zeal for our Lord Jesus Christ and China. I feel the same.

    • samtsang98 said:

      Your support means the world to me. Your great grand dad is a culturally sensitive and good-hearted man. My family actually knows the Taylors very well also. God’s kingdom is not that big but it’s also huge. Ha! I pray that all great missions will glorify God. Bless you for your support.

  2. From now on may I call you Brother Tsang? My knowledge of the Taylors is more general, however, in the near future, as I am a writer, I will be also posting (internet) the works and thoughts of my Uncle John D. Hayes and his papers. I am learning more and more every day about the Lord Jesus Christ and the strength of all the Christian missionaries there, and even more so, the Chinese Christians, who as you said, suffered as the heat of human abuses and persecution was unleashed after the non-Chinese missionaries left (got booted) from the China. I remain in prayer and always trying to be a humble servant in Jesus Christ.

    • samtsang98 said:

      “Brother” is just fine with me, or you can just call me Sam. I only use the “Dr” in academic setting. We’re all brother in Christ and in missional purpose. Bless you for keeping all this in perspective.

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