The church seems to have more bad news on sex lately than any other time.  I believe the internet has exposed a real fundamental flaw in the teaching on sexual purity in the church.  Famous names fall like flies. Bill Gothard, and Josh Guggar are among the most famous on this list.  These are extraordinary sets of failures that can only defined by the word “perversion.”


The common theme that joins such a thread is the teaching on an extreme form of sexual purity.  What this does is that it provides a smokescreen for unsavory activities behind the teachings.  The most legalistic teachings overcompensate to provide a cover for criminal abuse.  It’s really plain and simple.


What about those who fail in their marriages by moral shortfalls?  Countless fundamentalist leaders have fallen more in this area than the aforementioned perversion.  It seems that the problem with the moral shortfall has to do with the sense of naive invincibility.  Such teachings have built up such a fortress that the residents in it has a false sense of invincibility.  There’s only one small problem. The fortress is made of paper.  Invincibility breeds careless arrogance.  It’s always the problem of other people.


In dealing with this problem, one colleague reminds me that our biblical doctrine of human sinfulness ought to dictate our attitude in our possible moral shortfalls.  No amount of strictness can compensate for our carelessness.  We often like to point our fingers at King David who had practically violated all the ten commandments.  What we fail to realize that we could easily end up in the same boat.  None of us is immune.  The paper fortress of extreme purity can’t keep us from sinning. The only way to prevent moral shortfalls is humility, knowing that it can happen to the best of us.  Overcompensation isn’t the best security blanket against moral failures.