A while back, A tornado just ripped through Oklahoma, killing one and injuring many others.   At least 1100 insured homes were damaged.  Since I had gone to the university there, I was quite concerned.  My university roommate and one of my best friends still lives there.  He was fine.


What struck me about this storm was one photo that got passed around that says “God is with us” with a snapped power pole hanging off some power lines that looks like a cross.  It never fails to amaze me how Christians are able to spiritualize every little sign that may resemble some object in the Bible.  This time, the cross got the call.  To the world, we just look completely silly, but somehow within church walls, it’s all OK.


Many Christians have mistaken fiction for facts when it comes to letting our faith saturate every part of our lives.  When it comes to a living faith, I don’t believe God is calling for us to see sacred objects and superstitious signs everywhere.  How do we know that power pole was a reminder by God that He’s with us?  Do we honestly need that kind of reminder?  The best reminder often isn’t some crazy pronouncement right after such a disaster.  Neither should we be pontificating on the question “Why do bad things happen to good people?”  The best way to make the faith a living faith is to practice our faith everyday.  In such a situation as the Oklahoma storm, perhaps the best way is to donate, or to send a mission team to help rebuild or to help a neighbor with a fell tree.  Superstition and subjective pronouncement does nothing for our faith.


Sometimes, a broken power pole isn’t the cross or a reminder that God is with us. Sometimes, it’s just a broken piece of wood.