One of the most hilarious scenes of the FOTB episode is when the waiter Mitch quits the restaurant.  The dad of the show decides that he has to hire a new worker.  We have applicants of all kinds including a vegetarian.  Finally, they found a guy to help waiter the place. This guy is a handsome and intelligent cowboy who can charm customers by trick lassoing chairs. The place thrives because of this new hire.  This new waiter is also full of great ideas but this displeases the father who owns the restaurant.  Meanwhile, the incompetent Mitch comes over to visit.  The reason why Mitch quit in the first place is because he was hired by a rival restaurant for a bit more pay, but soon, he finds out that the new place is not what he likes. So, he visits to see if he can have his old job back.  His first job upon coming back is to fire the competent cowboy for the owner.


When laughing at this entirely ridiculous scenario, we may ask why the dad wants to fire the handsome, loyal and competent cowboy in favor of the homely, disloyal and incompetent Mitch.  The answer is simple.  The cowboy is doing his job too well.  Instead of seeing the cowboy as an asset, the dad sees him as a threat. He’d rather have the lousy Mitch than the brilliant cowboy.  The show demonstrates the hardship of being in charge.  Healthy leadership doesn’t require the leader to know everything and have all the ideas.  Healthy leadership appreciates the superior talents in the subordinates.  This talented cowboy generated a lot of new customers because of his brilliance. He brings success. All good ideas don’t have to come from one source.  They don’t even need to come from the top.  At the end of the day, leadership requires character.  Leadership isn’t all about talents and great ideas.  It’s about the character that allows for great ideas by others and giving credit where credit is due.  The dad didn’t do this and his restaurant will once again stumble along with the silly Mitch who can’t even keep from knocking things over while trying to do his job.


Good ideas grow in an environment created by generous leaders with character.  That’s the bottom line.