The above artwork is done by Wing Siu, one of my  preaching students.

My last blog talked about cool music as being not all that cool.  It’s interesting what people go to church for.  I think most people see the worship service as providing one or two things.  Quite often, many evangelical believes see the pulpit as the main event and everything else is secondary.  My Catholic (and Anglican) brothers and sisters see the Eucharist as being vitally important.  These are the impressions we have about church.  Naturally, that perception flows into the impression made on unbelievers as well.

Once again, in just about every single movie scene involving church service, there’s always a sermon. What is one thing unbeliever can relate to when they come to church? The sermon.  Yes, a sermon!  Even in this  scene where Homer Simpson’s bare butt is dragged across the church roof, the setting is the sermon.  The world knows the church by her SERMON.  If the preacher is using language that is not overly religious and addresses the needs of the listener, what stays with an unbeliever would be the sermon.  Of course, we can all improve our rhetoric a bit to get away from our own religious vocabulary that makes no sense to the rest of the world.

I recall bringing another unbeliever friend to church on an ordinary Sunday.  This is his remark, “Well, that was interesting.  Your pastor said some stuff I’ve never heard of.  He gives a different perspective.  Difference is good.”  Notice he named two things about the sermon: its profundity and its different perspective.

I think in this day and age, we all try to be cool so much that we forget what is really relevant: the message. After you read this blog, I hope you can ask yourself this before you mount the pulpit, “Do I or my Bible have anything profound and simple to say to the world?”

Like I said, cool is overrated because relevance and cool are not necessarily the same thing.