I don’t know if users of ear-piece mic know about its effectiveness.  One of the greatest distraction is the mic not being close enough to the mouth or that it can well fall off from your ear.  Believe me, it almost did first time I used it.

I know a lot of preachers see these mics on rock stars and other public celebrities and think, “Wow, that looks pretty stylish and cool and hip … ” … never mind.  You get my drift.  The problem is, many are not used to such a mic.  What can be done to prevent the piece from drifting too far from the mouth or even falling off?

In a mega-church where I spoke last year, they had a very good practice I wish to share with you.  As a rule, their sound people “dresse” the preacher by putting the mic on before the preacher puts his robe or jacket on so that its wire would be hidden and the mic would not fall.  They finalized the procedure by taping the mouth piece and ear piece onto the face of the preacher. I know it is a bit distracting to have the mic taped to your face, but it beats the distraction of it falling down or drifting all over the place while you try to deliver something meaningful.

Try going a little extra mile and see how it works out for your next Sunday.  Equipment failure is preventable.