If you watch interviews with athletes, you will inevitably find some more attractive than others, mostly based on their communication habits.  One of the worst communication habits is fillers.  Many talk with fillers such as “er, ah”.  These sounds make the speaker sound boring, diffident and unqualified. For us who communicate for a living, we need to get rid of them now.

The preacher can eliminate all filler words such as “er, ah”.  Instead, use those times for taking an extra breath.  Extra breath helps gather thoughts by keeping the voice healthy and the mind refreshed.  Another obvious disadvantage with fillers is that they make the preacher look like he or she does not know the subject matter.  Worse yet, they make the preaching look like it lacks conviction.  Both problems can deflate the preacher’s credibility, especially if the audience does not know him or her.  Thus, the preacher must be even more prepared when appearing as guest speaker.  The best ways to start getting rid of fillers is first to eliminate them from daily conversations and second to get enough sleep so that the brain can function during the sermon event.  It will take a while. Do not get frustrated. Keep trying.