The preacher must be authentic.  Preachers are first and foremost a Christian before they are preachers. There is nothing less attractive than preachers who are not secured enough in who they are in Christ.  Many preachers run around trying to imitate famous preachers.  Thus, there are many clones of Stott, Spurgeon, Robinson, among many others.  However, none of these imitators are very much like those whom they imitate.  The preacher who imitates the mannerism of other famous preacher suffers from a spiritual immaturity that lacks an understanding of his or her own calling as God’s unique servant.  Others are always full of stories about their spiritual strength.  Such false perfection can alienate the preacher from the audience.  Pretence can create distance.  Worse yet, inauthentic pastors can sometimes create a inauthentic church culture where everyone seems to be well all of the time.