To continue my series on sermon preparation, many students ask me for tips on presentation.  I will give some of the most helpful tips (to me) in this next series.

Some simple presentation tips will probably help preachers at this point.  These tips appear in no particular order and may be my opinion but they have helped me in the past.  These tips are helpful only when the preacher has studied prayerfully and carefully.  No tip can substitute for hard work.  Here they are.

Use the Occum’s Razor with gusto.  If in doubt, simplify the sermon.  Every sermon has something extraneous in it.  Sometimes, that extraneous is the hobby horse we want to ride, but not necessarily related to the main point or lesson of the sermon.  If the preacher who is (hopefully) well-educated has the hunch that the sermon is too complex, chances are the hunch is correct.  After all, the audience did not go to seminary to get a full theological education.  What are the chances of the audience remembering everything they hear on Sunday?  In all honesty, I would say that they would be blessed if they can even remember the main points.  So why make it so complicated?  It only muddles the already difficult matter of communication.