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In light of our recent move from Hong Kong to Washington State, this blog is a great introduction. One thing we love about this state is the change of season.  As I write this blog, I can see the leaves changing colors and the weather cooling with occasional showers.  We can see no such thing in Hong Kong.  Neither can we see the rich colors in San Jose.  The changing colors tell us that the winter season is soon upon us.  This is also a symbolic change of season for me as well, as I turn from a decade and a half of academic teaching about interpretation and preaching of Scripture to freelancing writing, speaking and coaching for these same subjects.  “Change of season” is a great analogy for preaching and ministry.

Each of us goes through different phases of ministry, especially on our pulpits.  After we graduate from seminary and armed with many Greek and Hebrew tools, our initial preaching was probably quite analytical and “deep.”   Soon enough, we find out that people in our churches have real-world needs. So we switch gear to try to meet their demands.  After a while, we attend this or that seminar and begin to try out new and exciting things in the midst of our settled routine.

I think change of season is good for us.  Whatever season we’re in, we can be sure that not everyday is summer, fall, winter or spring. As believers, we believe that the divine hand guides each season in order to nourish the land. Each season functions for its own purpose for the overall good of the land.  More importantly, each season functions to give us the ultimate hope that God guides our lives.  If we convey that to our pew sitters, we have been faithful.